Holiday, travel and vacation loan – last minute offers!

July 4, 2019 You don’t have to travel far to experience a great adventure. But you can. It is particularly about a dream vacation with children or a longed-for vacation from work. Holiday loan or maybe a loan? Is it worth to decide on installment holidays and how much will carefree vacation cost us? We tried to answer the hottest question of the season, i.e. where to get money for the 2019 holiday. Get to know our suggestions and plan your holidays the way you like! 

A quick loan for last minute holidays – the most interesting offers

A quick loan for last minute holidays - the most interesting offers

Holidays 2019 officially started! As a result, many of us on the web are looking for answers to questions about where to go for cheap holidays with children, how much holiday in Poland all inclusive costs and what are interesting places in Poland and abroad for a weekend for two. If you know all the ways how to travel cheaply, going on vacation may require only a small investment. Currently, we will pay exactly the same for holidays in Poland and holidays abroad in other European countries. Unfortunately, often a trip to a really nice holiday can cost a bit.

How to plan your vacation when you have no money? The best deals on travel agencies for cheap holidays 2019 can often be obtained at the last minute. If you have no savings, apply for a loan online and start packing. The money will go to your account the same day! The comparison of holiday loan offers below will help you organize your dream trip.

Installment holidays – why are holiday loans so popular?

Installment holidays - why are holiday loans so popular?

What can traveling be to man? For some a way of life, for others a moment of rest from work. If we focus on good logistics, we can travel amazingly for pennies. Unfortunately, traveling for free is not possible. Usually finance is the biggest limitation. That is why, during the holiday season, more interest in loans can be seen.

Installment holidays are often the only way to explore the world in comfortable conditions. Some people don’t know how to save money or can’t afford it, but they don’t want to postpone their dreams. That is why they often decide to take out a holiday loan. The question is how big a holiday loan must be? It all depends on the type of rest.

More expensive traveling together with the family

Traveling together can bring a lot of joy and unusual memories. Unfortunately, it is also expensive, especially if you decide to vacation with a child. All you need to do is calculate the expenses related to transport or accommodation and we are already getting several hundred zlotys for a week’s holiday at the Polish seaside. It is actually as much as the cost of holidays in Croatia, Greece or Spain. Here, it is often better to decide to rent a car for a vacation or train journey. Depending on the funds and the route chosen, we can choose both economic and luxury options, e.g. the famous Orient Express. The more attractions the higher the cost. Expenses such as visits to the doctor or dentist that may be necessary before or during the trip are also rarely considered.

Many parents decide to send children on an organized group trip within the country or abroad. Such holidays teach young people independence, are a chance to make friends and above all acquire new skills. Summer sports camps for children and teenagers (in Poland) cost from several hundred to several thousand zlotys, depending on the type of offer. A foreign language course (14-21 days) involves expenses from 5 to 15 thousand zlotys depending on the country and level of education.

And what if we dream of traveling around the world?

Traveling around the world is usually a trip through a dozen countries on different continents. It can last from a month to even four months, depending on the mode of transport. Unfortunately, it will not allow visiting all countries, but it will allow you to see a lot in a relatively short time. The price of such an ambitious trip can be from 4 to about 20 thousand. PLN for the airline tickets themselves.

The cost variation is influenced by the standard of travel, choosing an independent trip or organized by a travel agency, and ordinary happiness. We may not always be able to buy cheap tickets at a convenient time. We must add food, hotels, internal journeys or additional attractions to the travel costs. A slightly more expensive option is a cruise around the world on a luxury ship, which lasts about 120 days. Here prices start up to 40 thousand. PLN up to 800 thousand PLN per person. Option definitely targeted at lovers of oceans and beaches.

Will a loan or a holiday loan be better?

Will a loan or a holiday loan be better?

Non-bank loans or cash loans – what should you choose to finance your vacation? Choosing the right loan offer for the 2019 vacation depends on where you actually want to go on vacation. In Poland, the most popular tourist destinations are the sea, mountains and Masurian lakes. We are most likely to go to Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia for foreign holidays in 2019. Also major destinations are Bulgaria, Spain, Albania, Italy and of course beautiful Croatia 1 .

Before you decide on a holiday loan, it is worth calculating exactly how much the whole trip will cost us. If you do not plan your vacation early enough, prices can be quite high. It is usually recommended to borrow only the necessary amount, but in the case of a travel loan it is better to keep some of the funds for unforeseen expenses. A twisted ankle or loss of a wallet can slightly increase the demand for cash. The main difference between a loan and a loan is the amount of formalities required. Loans are granted faster and do not require such thorough verification of creditworthiness.

Can I take out loans online while abroad? Of course! This is a popular way for unforeseen expenses that surprised us on the go. If we decide on loans without certificates, the money will go to our account almost immediately. The loan process itself will take only a few minutes, and your smartphone with internet access is enough to submit the application.

Have you borrowed more than you spent on holidays? You have the right to pay the debt ahead of schedule. Early repayment of the loan will allow you to recover some of the borrowing costs, reduce the APRC and contribute to building a positive credit history.

Vacation loan promotions for 2019!

Vacation loan promotions for 2019!

Summer is a time of ubiquitous promotions that allow you to save a bit. Few consumers know that loan companies are known for organizing seasonal promotions for new and regular customers. A well-known product is promotional free payday loans, which many loan companies offer. Is a holiday loan for PLN 0 really free? Yes! We apply online and the same day the cash goes to our account. Fast and without formalities. The disadvantage of the promotion is the availability only for new customers and the loan period usually 30-45 days.

A loan for PLN 0 is not the only thing loan companies have to offer. What else awaits us this summer?

Take advantage of the Astro finance loan and get a PLN 150 Sodexo voucher

The Astro Finance website offers long-term loans from 1,000 to 25,000 PLN with a repayment period of 6 to 36 months, available for 18 years. Customers can take two loans at the same time (which is rare), and the company accepts different sources of income. People who during the holiday promotion will submit a loan application and pay the first installment on time, will receive a 150 PLN Sodexo voucher from the loan company. You can pay the voucher in many grocery stores, cinemas, MediaMarkt or Allegro. The promotion lasts until 16/08/2019.

Borrow “for complete happiness” and win PLN 5,000 at Globe Loan

The best loan is the one you can earn on. The Globe Loan service offers payday loans up to PLN 7,000 for 30 days. New customers get a free loan of up to PLN 3,000, from 19 years old. Now, by applying for a promotional holiday loan, we have the chance to win the main prize of PLN 5,000 and five consolation prizes of PLN 1,000 each. How to take part in the competition “How much are you missing for happiness”? It is enough that during the promotion we submit a loan application and complete the sentence “I miss happiness …” and wait for the results of the competition. The promotion lasts until 19.07.2019.

Borrow now and start paying back for 2 months in Snapi Loan

You need money for the holidays, but a regular payday for 30 days is not enough? An installment loan like the Hapipan loan can be the solution. What makes her different? You can pay off the first installment of the loan 2 months after receiving the money, which will allow you to relax and be “hapi” during your vacation. How much can you borrow? Up to PLN 25,000 for 48 months. It’s not everything! Hapipredit customers can also use medical packages developed by the consulting company MEDIHELP. Such a package provides professional medical care, with an unlimited number of medical consultations with specialists from 8 fields, laboratory and diagnostic tests in over 300 private clinics throughout Poland. The cost of the program is PLN 25 per month, i.e. PLN 300 per year.

Free installment loan for 5 months at Nominent

Free installment loan is a rare financial product, which is why Nominent’s offer is so interesting. Nominent specializes in granting loans of up to PLN 20,000 for which we have 48 months to pay back. During the holiday season, the promotional “5 × 0 loan” for new customers up to PLN 2,000 is worth paying attention. If you repay the liability in 5 monthly installments, its APRC will be 0%. So you will give back exactly what you borrow! The promotion lasts until further notice.