No Short Term Credit Advertising on Google – But Why?

Many consumers have already noticed that Google AdWords also has a large number of advertisements on loans. In particular, the so-called short-term loans have long been a thorn in the side of many critics, as they are generally available as very easy, but on the other hand as equally expensive.

It is particularly criticized that these easily available loans can quickly lead to a debt trap. This view is also now Google, so that the advertising for appropriate short-term loans is no longer disseminated through Google AdWords.

Soon AdWords will stop advertising through AdWords


Short-term credit providers targeting low paid or unemployed people, known in the jargon as payday loans, will no longer be able to publish ads through Google AdWords in the near future. Google justifies its decision in such a way that it is according to research that such loans can lead to the borrowers concerned to very high charges and at the same time also high failure rates.

Specifically, as of July 13, 2016, it is no longer possible for Google AdWords to advertise such loans. Affected are short-term loans where the repayment period is 60 days or less. In the United States, the ban goes even further, because even those loans are no longer allowed through Google’s AdWords, where an APR of more than 36 percent is required. In any case, many experts assume that, at least in the United States, there will soon be legislation that may prohibit a ban on advertising by particularly aggressive lenders or intermediaries in this category.

List of offers with advertising ban extended

List of offers with advertising ban extended

So far, there are relatively few ads that are exempted from Google’s AdWords service. Now this list is being extended by the said short-term loans, so that the ban is now in line with offers involving tobacco, explosives, weapons or drugs.

Incidentally, Google is not the only global corporation that prohibits such loans in the area of ​​advertising, because the social media service Facebook had already done this in the United States some time ago.

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